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 not really new but hey 8-)

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PostSubject: not really new but hey 8-)   Wed May 04, 2011 3:33 am

thought i'd also post some stuff about myself, as im not that active on chat most of the time Smile

my name is oskar, most people online call me jax, as thats my name throughout most games, either is fine.
im 16 and from the UK, i like to play games, particularly role playing and strategy, i much prefer games where high end PVP is dominated by skill rather than equipment and/or level. im also a national standard athlete (Very Happy) for triple jump and long jump, in my first year of the under 20 age group. you'll find me online most days of the week at some point between 4pm and midnight, as im still in school, doing my a levels in year 12 (chemistry, psychology, physics, general studies and english language).

thats about it really, if you want my facebook or msn, just ask me on chat or inbox me on kongregate Smile
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The Cure

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PostSubject: Re: not really new but hey 8-)   Wed May 04, 2011 3:56 am

So, nice to meet you Jax Smile

I like rolepleying and strategy games too, it's only think I play, jeje.

Thanks for be at Lightbringers!
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not really new but hey 8-)
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