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 Quest Decks

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eMpTy Kay

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PostSubject: Quest Decks   Quest Decks Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 12:58 pm

So I thought I would post something about the quests.

The quests are:
Impenetrable - Prevent all attack damage done to Walls. Refresh does not activate for Structures,
Copycat - Mimic targets allied Assault units.
Invigorate - Whenever a unit regains health it gains that much attack permanently
Clone Project - At the beginning of Player's turn, a random active allied unit gains the skill "Split" until end of turn (Split version of the card will not also have the skill "Split")
Quicksilver - All Assault units that do not already have it gain the skill "Evade".
Time Surge - Both Commanders gain the skill "Rush 1"
High Skies - "Flying" activates 100% against attackes without "Flying" or "Antiair".
Decay - (forgot to record the text, Cleanse does not work, creatures start with Disease & Poison 1)

I find my Lucina deck works well against Copycat, Clone Project and Time Surge. It consists of: Lucina, Predator, Aegis, Sabre, Shapshooter, Tiamat, Omega, Pathfinder, Ayrkrane, Iron Maiden, Abductor. You can use another Beserk creature for the Abductor.

My deck "Crazy Ogres" works well for Invigorate and Quicksilver. It consists of: Draco, four Sundering Ogre, two Asylum, Prism. Yes this deck is only seven cards. Preferred play order would be 2 ogres, prism, asylum, rest as wish. I may play 3 ogres if a later assult unit of the enemy has a low activation count.

Decay caused me a lot of problems. What I finally got to work is: Duncan, Fortified Cannon, Shrapnel Engine, two Gatling Tower, Tesla Cannon, Acropolis, two Electromagnetic Pulse, Mobile Fortress, Heli-Duster. The only critical play is to have the Mobile Fortress the 2nd to last card played and the Heli-Duster the last care played. They will hopefully last long enough then to do enough damage.

For Impenetrable, I find a deck used against the Behemoth raid works well. Currently I use Atlas, three Aquabat, five Support Carrier, two Trasmitter. I play the Transmitters last.

High Skies I don't have a good deck yet, I usually put something together from the Enclave Flagship raid to use.
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Decks   Quest Decks Icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2012 5:52 am

There are deck suggestions on Fansite:
(use "next step" button for other quests)
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Quest Decks
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