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 The intelligence agency - enemy decks

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PostSubject: The intelligence agency - enemy decks   Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:17 pm

Being attacked by Iron Fist Sect was a good opportunity for commonkey and me to check out their decks.
This thread is dedicated to posting decks of top-ten factions, in order to learn what else apart from excessive warbonding it takes to rise further in the ranking ;-)

Here are the findings:


Apart from rainbow decks like these:

- Rifter
- Marshal
- Pathfinder
- R.Dredge
- Disposer
- Iron maiden
- Teslatank
- Neverender

- Rikshaw
- Neverender
- Ravenous Dredge
- Niaq
- emp
- Heph
- Iron Maiden
- Marshal
- Kilgore
- Acropolis

They rely heavily on righteous decks, either rhino-based with Gaia:

- 2 S. Carriers
- Ayrkrane
- Bacon
- Epicenter
- 5Rhinos

and, most strikingly, Empress + Hover Pods:

- Kilgore
- Hephatat
- 8 Hover pods

- Epicenter
- Apparition
- 8 Hover Pods

- Repromancer
- 9 Hover pods

I was pretty surprised not to find any magic universal instawin deck here Razz
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PostSubject: Re: The intelligence agency - enemy decks   Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:59 am

Wow, attacked by IFS? Damn.

I know Beefhouse3D has a burning hatred of Lightbringers (From IRC: "We'd attack jaedaprince's merry band of failures, and pescado would roll 10 bots in. Same with Lightbringers. Glad to see both those factions rotting on the trash heap of failure now"), but didn't realize they'd go attack... guess their usual targets were all taken.

Did you win? =D Would have been really awesome if you did...

But nice to see you took advantage of the opportunity well.

If you want more high-level defense decks, apparently NetRat put up some defense decks in his simulator download.

Files are in decks/defence
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PostSubject: Re: The intelligence agency - enemy decks   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:37 am

Well we used to be attacked by them all the time. It kinda was more fun with the bots.
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PostSubject: Re: The intelligence agency - enemy decks   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:53 am

No we didn't win Wink

Here are the deck types that I encountered. By far the most common are righteous, but there is also a good number of fear and rainbow.

UB/rhino deck, basic template:
Dracorex (variants: Empress/Gaia)
- BoD
- Aquatic Epicenter
- Rhino x4
- UB x4
Sometimes, additional cards are included: Acropolis, Apollo, Ayrkrane, Prism, Noxious Den, SC. The exact ratio of UB/rhino also varies, but there is always a mix of both.

Hoverpod deck:
- Empress
- Hephatat
- Hover x9
Often with BoD, Ayrkrane, sometimes with Radiant, Acropolis, SC, Aquatic Epicenter.

IC/sycophant fear deck:
- Invasion coordinator
- Sycophant x4-7
+ cards from this pool: Venorax, Subterfuge, Beholder, Adamantite Armor, Full Power
Beefhouse3D's deck is a variation of this with Daizon as commander.

Atlas or LtW
- Predator
- Tiamat
- Hephatat
- Monsoon
- R.Dredge
- IM
- Raksha
- Niaq
- Acro
Other possible cards: Skimmer, Neverender, Ayrkrane, Kilgore, Omega, Disposer

Wall (seen only once):
- Silo x2
- CC x2
- Gatling x2
- Acro
- Colossus
- Pantheon Prog.
- Dozer
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PostSubject: Re: The intelligence agency - enemy decks   

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The intelligence agency - enemy decks
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