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 Sentinel Reborn

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PostSubject: Sentinel Reborn   Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:41 am

This raid is really aggressive, you have to slowroll it as rush will fail epicly.
Rhino is the ultimate card here, which is why i built a deck for manual that works awesome for the raid with about 90% win rate.

5 Rhinos
Abominable Raksha
2 Noxious Dens
Bridge of Destiny

Best first drop is Raksha as it eats the initial damage. Then you should drop either Rhino or a Den, then at least 2 Rhinos, then BoD, after that place another 2 rhinos, then the 2nd Den. Apollo can be placed as 3rd-10th card, opposed to something weak at the best. If it survives until activation and you still got at least 2-3 Rhinos left + 1 Den, you have as good as won if you dont die because of being flanked. It could be replaced with another Rhino, but i only got 5, so i just took Apollo and it works fine.
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Sentinel Reborn
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