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 Utopia Kingdoms

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PostSubject: Utopia Kingdoms   Utopia Kingdoms Icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2012 2:24 pm

Since there's advertising for other games in this board, I might as well mention that some higher-ups from the former Tyrant Empire (Pescado, Fishboner) and some other big name Tyrant Players like 0hio are playing Utopia Kingdoms. If you're interested in joining our small but perfectly organized group of lawless warmongers there, check in the former Empire IRC channel.

Mibbit Instructions:
(Of course you can use any other IRC client too).

make an account there

click on "channels" in the top left of your screen while logged in to Mibbit...

set server to ""...

set channel to "#tyrant"...

check auto connect and save changes

then click connect now
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Utopia Kingdoms
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